this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Late night...

Last night Coleman came home loaded. It was funny since usually, if anything, I’m the one who’s drunk when the other’s sober. Last time this me-being-sober event occurred was last year, and we got Coleman to recite some freestyle poetry, which I still have! Here it is:

First Poem
Coleman is the coolest guy,
He only has cars that fly in the sky.
His socks are like moccasins,
Because of the Indians.

Second Poem
It was our first year,
We ran in in “fear”.
We said “OK”.
They said DONKEY!

[The quotey signs mean that Coleman did the quote action with his fingers]

And then of course, we can’t forget this gem:

I don’t do rhymes when I’m drunk,
I just split the words into the funk.

So anyway, him and Fancy and Erin (from Squires) came into the room trashed at 3 am, and since Steph had to come warn them about noise a few times, I figured I should distance myself from the drunkards. So I went down to study for awhile in the canteen, and when I came back up at 4, they were all still there. After Fancy left, Susan (from Squires) came over to pick up Erin, but she was also drunk, so they both ended up staying. At one point, Erin kept passing out while drawing with markers on the banner beside my bed. Go Erin!

I often sleep against the wall, and since there is washable marker all over the banner now, I’m probably gonna wake up and have a bunch of crazy-rainbow colors all over me sometime soon.

I went downstairs again, and Erin and susan came down and Erin passed out on the canteen table, so naturally, Susan and I turned out the lights and left her down there, thinking it’d be funny when she woke up in the canteen in the morning. She woke up, got stuck in the stairwell, passed out again, and eventually Martin (after getting freaked out from someone lying on the ground at the bottom of the stairs) ended up letting her back onto 3rd floor. Anyway, eventually they all went to bed, and when I came up at 6, I had no bed so I just fell asleep in my clothes. The End.

Oh wait, but first, this is a picture of Susan checking out Ugh...