this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

The low-down on the slow-down

Sorry about the little hiatus thing I've been doing, but I've been realizing a few things:
  1. I've been really busy lately,
  2. I need to get out more, and
  3. I enjoy making frivolous lists.

We're having a pre-Mardi Gras (on George Street) halloween party tonight (12 Hatcher Street!), so I can't say much now cause I've still got to get my costume on the go! If anyone has any good ideas in the next few hours, let me know!

UPDATE: Clearly the mainstream news media has not gotten ahold of this yet, but I found this while searching for George Bush pictures on Yahoo Images (I'm the poster guy for the UN Society). Forewarning though: This is a picture of George Bush butt naked in his younger days. He is so fucked. This rivals even Ugh...