this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Soooo... late-slash-early...

Well, it's about 6am and i am incredibly off schedule with my sleeping patterns... finished my exam at 2pm, so the plan was to mix up some drinks in nalgenes, rent out a group study room at the library, and go get plastered... did i mention in the library! I mean, how awesome would that have been? needless to say, this did not happen... instead me, Coleman, Martin, Billy, Pete, and Bailey all drank the texas mickey down in the prez room. For those of you who aren't informed, a texas mickey is 120 oz of pure liquid refreshment/death. This one was Canadian Club Whiskey. Not my idea. Mitch was originally in on the mickey instead of Bailey, but he suffered from alcohol poisoning last night and was still very sick all today. Again, for those of you in the house who didn't drop by last night to see him convulsing, i'll sum up what happened real quick:

Mitch drank. Mitch drank more. Mitch passed out. Mitch's respiratory control center began to shut down. Lesleyanne called medical aid. Mitch cried.

Darren (medical aid guy/previous proctor) said that he was the second worst drunk he had seen in residence this year. (The blue ribbon goes to the guy who went to the hospital.) His breath would get slower and slower, then stop for awhile, then he would start gasping for air and convulsing. It was pretty scary... but I definitely taped it! Go slideshow!! And remember: Mitch cried! Those are real tears on tape people!

So anyway, sidetracked, but long-story-short: Mitch out, Bailey in. I had a grand total of 3 drinks before i stopped remembering ANYTHING. Yes, that's right, THREE. I was up all night studying and then started drinking, so I was very worn out. It is only the 2nd time ever that I have completely blanked, and I mean I don't remember a thing (Clearly, the first was at Garrett's that one time...). Apparently I had a good time and threw up on the carpet floor in the study room.

Well, you live and you learn. Hold on... that doesn't apply to this situation... I assume you need some type of what some might call "memory" to learn anything... Dah well, when in Rome...

By the way, if anyone is looking for Matso, he is sleeping behind me on Coleman's bed. Please come and claim him. And no, I do not mean that Matso and I are sleeping on Coleman's bed together, with him behind, in a homoerotic fashion. I mean that he is literally in back of me right now on Coleman's bed. I will be sleeping in my bed.