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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It was a library day

Call me a big geek, but something exciting happened today. The librarian learned my name! It was a pivotal moment in the sacred librarian-student relationship. Actually, I told him that. Really. I even used the words "pivotal moment" and "librarian-student relationship". Mhen, I figured that they’d remember me sooner or later since I book out the single study rooms so often. Apparently his name is Patrick too, and he introduced me to Donna, another member of the librarianship (look it up, it’s a word!). Eventually, I hope to gain their confidence enough so that I can pull some strings and meet the head librarian. I mean, then I could get some sweet-ass library-type deals. Like... more... books? I’m sure there’s something I could get.

Actually, the reason I was there this time was because I was working on my library scam. You see, any student can reserve a public single study room, but there are also these private ones that you can get all to yourself. The catch is that you have to be a grad student or an honours student. So I recently applied to the honours program, with no intention of writing a thesis or completing it, so that I could get one of those rooms. I got me acceptance to the biochem honours program today, so I had been picking up the room form at the library. Wow... this story got really boring, really quick... Hmmm... And then a shootout erupted between the librarians and the radical left-wing "Society Against Books". Library-Patrick was shot in the shoulder as he attempted to defend Donna. I dove behind the public announcements board, pulled my scooter out of my backpack, and proceeded to scoot... I mean raze... around the lobby, dishing out retribution with my trademark ninja star weapons. When all the antagonists in the "Society Against Books" had been dispatched, the head librarian came out and awarded me some books and... a trophy. And a private study room. No kidding.

And now -- Dah da-da daaaaa -- Time for bed.

PS – I find this funny. And I like this piece of writing, though completely unrelated to the topic at hand (libraries, that is).