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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Winter Carnival Mayhem

2nd place Winter Carnival!!! Last night was ridiculous! Lip Sync was the last event and at the end they announced that we were 1st in the banner competition, and 3rd in the Lip Sync! We were making so much noise when they announced second place overall, that we pretty much drowned out Barnes’ first place announcement and their cheering! Best we’ve ever done in Winter Carnival and it was soooo close! It all came down to the last night… If you're not in rez, I'll just tell you that winter carnival is BIG.

When they announced we were second, a bunch of people picked Martin (prez) up and we carried him out of the gym building. On the way through the door, he grabbed the canvas Winter Carnival 2005 sign, and when we all got back to Burke, he
put it up on his wall and everyone in the house signed it. His room was such a state by the end! He has like 7 holes in his ceiling from people pounding on it when someone else was doing a chug, and his futon was snapped in half because so many people were on it. And oh yeah, he bought a bunch of beer ahead of time because we knew we had at least second place, so it was free when we got back! The “Immaculate Glass” (the normal chugging apparatus) was misplaced, so we used whatever else we could find, including the 3-foot collapsible plastic horn we’d been using to make noise and a cardboard tube like the kind that you mail people big documents in. Ok… maybe it was just me who drank out of the cardboard tube, but I thought other people did at the time.

On an unrelated note, I noticed
Martin’s thermostat when I was downstairs taking these pictures. He was trying to fix it once and busted it off, and since they work on some kind of pneumatic system, it hissed all the time and his room was always warm. So anyway, he couldn’t get it to stop hissing with stickytac, duct tape, or anything else. When Kirby came over once, he attempted to fix it with peanut butter and toothpaste. Needless to say, this did not work and left Martin with a hissing blob of toothpaste and peanut butter on his wall. Eventually it got fixed by a repair guy, but it hasn’t been cleaned up yet. Mhen... this story made me laugh…

**Better pictures when I can get good quality ones from Mitch, cause my webcam sucks**

For some reason I kept calling my brother last night… I think I probably called him about 3 times (Sorry if I didn't make too much sense Chris!), and I talked to my mom too. I would not venture to call myself sober at that point. Oh well, nothing wrong with calling my mom when I’m trashed. I’m not even gonna pretend to be some angst-ridden individual; I love my mom!

And also, Coughlan House smashed Barnes’ Winter Carnival trophy! Apparently, Butthead and Abass stole it and were running away, but Butthead was drunk and slipped on black ice and just SMASHED it all over the ground. Poor Butthead. He felt pretty bad about it, and he got pretty cut up, I guess. I just think it’s funny.

Oh and one more thing about last night! First off, you’ve got to realize that mine and Coleman’s parents always send us big honkin’ blocks of cheese, even though neither of us is sure why. I mean, no one’s complaining… it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. So when you have a lot of cheese, you do stupid things with it. We’ve had cheese-offs at like 4 in the morning (where we cut what’s left of the block in half and each try to finish eating it first), we’ve done the “Coleman & Patrick Challenge” (where we find a frosh or drunk who we then challenge to eat what’s left of the block as quickly as they can, either for a small cash prize or simple bragging rights), but mostly we just throw cheese.
This comes into play during last night's events. I was drunk and out of nowhere I did a touchdown procedure with a block of cheese (hence the little bits of cheese all over our floor this morning), so the cheese was pretty much useless. Later, Coleman was in the room and Mills was lying on the floor in the lobby making a grilled cheese sandwich (don’t ask why this was happening at 3 am…). Since we have a – for lack of a better word – pillar outside our room in the lobby, Coleman tried to throw what was left of the cheese block at it while sitting at his desk. After the fact, he said that he thought it might explode and be cool. He missed, and clocked drunken Mills in the face… with a block of cheese. His glasses were all bent out of shape and it looked like he was going to get a black eye… from a block of cheese. Mills says that he’s gonna make up a story if he does get one, cause who wants to say that they got a black eye... from a flying block of cheese? Anyway, I think I’m going to eat some cheese… I think there’s another block in the fridge. Over and out I’m done.