this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

possibly too long a post...

PS - No one ever starts with a "PS", so I figured I'd break the mold and be original. But since being a rebel is kind of clichéd too, I'll just go back to writing what I normally do.

So I was corresponding with Sally through… a general means of communication… -- Ok I emailed her, BUT SHE EMAILED ME FIRST! Jenn, I know I said I’d email you as soon as I was done my intense work-week, but I’m sooo unmotivated! I need an email to me first, so that I have some content to write back about! -- Anyway, I was emailing Sally cause she wanted feedback on whether she should get her tongue pierced, and I kept writing the wrong word so that I ended up talking about her getting a tongue ring instead of a tongue piercing. I realized my mistake, but then I got thinking: wouldn’t a tongue ring be wicked? I mean, you could carry stuff around on it so that you wouldn’t lose it. You could even hook a carabiner onto it. Then you could be like one of those people who walk around with nalgenes hanging off their bookbags, except you’d have it hanging off your face. You could probably teach yourself to drink from it without your hands. Awesome. But yeah, it was great talking to Sally cause it’s been so long and in high school we used to talk like every day! Oh, and Megan called today! Another person who I miss alot (of course I miss everyone, but you know, not everyone calls me)! So… found out that Erica Keith’s house burned down and they lost EVERYTHING, even their kitten. I guess they were on the news and everything so luckily her and her roommates are getting a lot of charity… See: In general, people are really good. If you’re reading this Erica, I’m sorry! I’m gonna try to get through to you somehow. And maybe send you a care-package!

So yeah I freaked out today cause I saw on my wall some obscure course schedule that I had written up at the beginning of the term, and I saw that there was a class that I hadn't known about and hadn't been going to (School has been on for at least a month). So I kinda freaked out for awhile, but then I realized that I had just copied my schedule from the interweb with a mistake in it. So "no", I hadn’t been oblivious to the fact that one of my classes even existed, I'd just failed to perform a simple copying task. So last night we got back from open mic and everyone was bored. Since it was 2 am and Lori happened to have a bag of hamster woodchips left over from when her hamster was still alive, we decided to "get" someone's room. I'm residence, the definition of "get" would be: To wreak havoc upon with light-hearted intentions. So I grabbed the fan from our room and we rounded up an extension cord. The original plan was to open up someone’s door, walk in, put the fan face-up on the floor, turn it on full-blast, then dump the whole bag of hamster shavings on top. We weren’t sure exactly how it would work out, but it was presumed that a torrential cloud of hamster chips would be expelled violently into the air, covering every inch of surface area in the room. When we tested it, a few woodchips flew perhaps 5 inched above the fan, then fell to the floor and blew under our beds. Yeah… highly disappointing. So after trying to blow some under Grant and Canning’s door with similar nonspectacular results, we resorted to the crude method of cramming them underneath with a broom. I think it worked out fine.

Around 3:30 that night, Ashley came over loaded, and by 5 am Coleman and me and her were all watching lesbian porn, eating bagels, and drinking absinth. Yep, classy bitches we be. Then, as they went to bed, I went down to do inventory in the canteen, cause the chip guy was coming at 9 in the morning. So I was in bed by 6:30 am, and up at 9 so that I could start my Biochem lab, which I worked on till right before 4 pm today when it was due.

Right now, I still haven’t really gotten dressed. Usually, when I get into these random sleep schedules, I fall asleep in my clothes, then when I wake up, I just put another layer on top of what I was wearing the day before so that I at least look like I’ve gotten dressed. So during exams, I tend to end up wearing like 3 different layers of things in chronological order. Then, when I’m taking off my clothes to go shower, I feel like I’m going back in time. Or like a tree. Wow. And can you guess that I haven’t napped yet? That surprises even me. Then again, I have become increasingly incoherent (aka decreasingly coherent). Marf.

By the way, Rebecca is awesome and doesn't normally yell. Only when she's drunk.

To my brother, Chris: If you ever read this, post a comment every once in awhile why dontcha! Jerk.