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Monday, February 14, 2005

Eff you, Saint Valentine!

Ok just a quick post I think. And yep, that's right... I said quick. Seriously.

Today is Valentine's day. A day when people in relationships get a warm and squishy feeling inside, while people who aren't develop a deep-seeded hatred for those who are. But I'm not one of those bitter people. My hatred is only mediocre-seeded. At most moderately-seeded. But not deep… that’s too far. Just kidding! Jay-kay! I love you all! …heh… So yeah, I don’t get why this Saint Valentine guy gets his own day. Wasn’t he just killed for attempting to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons where they were often beaten and tortured? I mean, if this is the case, maybe we should just beat some Christians on February 14th. I mean, that’s fun, isn’t it? Again, I kid… I’m pretty sure that I am Christian, somewhere down there. It’s just the whole organized religion thing that irks me, but that’s another issue! And now onto other news.

Above is a picture of the waiting room that Coleman and I set up outside our room in the lobby. We figured that since so many people come and visit us, we wouldn’t want anyone to have to stand uncomfortably outside the door while waiting to be seen. So Coleman moved the couch over to our door and made a sign for the wall, and last night while studying after hours in the Chemistry building, I stole a clock off the wall. I spent a long time trying to rip it off, before realizing that the simple remedy was to lift it off the screw that it was fastened with. Go me! Right now it’s hanging from the third floor fire bell with packaging tape, which is probably some kind of fire hazard, but what can you do? Certainly not move it. I mean, come on. Also, we’ve got a magazine stand and some magazines for our visitors to peruse.

Heh… “peruse”… awesome…

Mhen? Whazza? Oh yeah… So way back when, there used to be a study light hooked up above the door of each room which you could turn on when you were studying. Inevitably, these became sex lights, and when housing caught wind of this they were removed. After this whole waiting room idea loses its appeal, I think I’m gonna hook the clock up where the sex lights used to be. Originally, I wanted to hook my strobe light up there, but Louis broke that awhile ago, and what’s the next most exciting thing? Clocks! Next time you’re at a party, just count the number of strobe lights and the number the clocks. I bet there’s more clocks.

PS – You will find your true love today. Man, I’m like a fortune cookie… except probably more bitter. Happy Valentine’s Day!