this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I signed up to volunteer for WalkSafe this term, so this past Tuesday night, it was Coleman and I, stuck in a small office for several hours with nothing to do. After like an hour of doing nothing except making free popcorn and playing with the walkie-talkies, Coleman suggested that we each snort a line of hot chocolate (also free). Cocaine strikes fear into my pagan heart, but for some reason anything else seems like an acceptable idea. Don't ask. It couldn't be any worse than Sour Patch Kids sugar...
So we rolled up some pieces of the WalkSafe manual, set up some lines with my library card -- rebels that we are -- and got it over with. The powder didn't hurt but it was persistent, so we snorted some water to flush out the chocolatey-ness. And y'know what? As gross as it sounds, it kinda tasted good. I mean, all you'd need to do would be to snort some hot water and it would be like -- I dunno -- real hot chocolate. Freshly brewed. In your nose.

And then the next day, I rubbed my nose, and a chocolate boogie fell out. Gross, huh? Well... you know me -- Can't say I lack class.

Correction: You can... I just won't listen.


We had an intervention last week, and the end-result was that Hendric is moving out on the 12th. I've avoiding talking about Hendric for the last month, since we were living together and it would have been incredibly awkward if he'd ever come across my blog. But... after he moves out it's all fair game, so I'll be sure to post a review of "The Chronicles of Hendric". Who knows -- maybe I'll even make a movie poster for it. Cause I'm that cool.

And someone gimme your address so I can send you secret mail!