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Monday, February 13, 2006

British comedy? Yes, please.

OK -- best show EVER. At least until they make a show featuring crime-fighting alien robots which can turn into roller-coasters on demand.

< ASIDE> On realizing that my suggested ultra-show sounded strangely similar to Transformers, I googled "Transformer roller-coaster" to see whether this had already been done. What I found was the page of a dude who takes Transformers waaaaaay too seriously. A prime quote is this: "I understand that the Autobots were the ones who wanted a fair fight, but what kind of an idiot puts Omega Supreme in the middle of an uninhabited field 500 hours away from the battle?" What kind of idiot, indeed. Well, apparently the kind of idiot who is a fictional animated robot from space, whose sole purpose is to amuse those of the "Ages 7 to 13" demographic bracket, that's who. < /ASIDE>

Well, anyway... the real show I want to mention is "The IT Crowd", a British comedy show put out by Channel 4. I have decided that I love this show (even from seeing just the second episode), and therefore I will introduce you to it.

Here are the episodes so far (in order), for your viewing enjoyment:
  1. Yesterday's Jam
  2. Calamity Jen
  3. 50:50
  4. The Red Door
  5. The Haunting of Bill Kraus
  6. Aunt Irma Visits

Note: The last two episodes aren't available yet, but the links are directed towards the search results on Google Video which will soon (hopefully) have the video itself. That way, as soon as they're online, they'll show up.