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Sunday, July 10, 2005

3 fun things to do with flies of the flying variety

Most of you guys probably know about the fly-kite trick. You just catch a big fly by cupping it in your hands, then whip it at a wall and stun it. Then you can tie a piece of thread from your clothes around one of its legs or its body so that when it wakes up, you've got a little fly on a string. If you haven't tried this, I highly recommend doing so. You shall be thoroughly amused.

Another variation of this technique involves catching two large bumble-bees in separate glass jars. You've got to work quickly for this. You shake each jar just enough to stun them, then tie each to opposite ends of a piece of thread. Then you run away. From a safe distance, watch the two bees try to deal with flying while tied together. I haven't tried this one yet, but I like to think that they'll fight to the death, or something awesome like that.

And lastly, an idea for another variation that just came to me. Knock out a large fly as before, but this time have a small spider ready. It's got to be small so that it can't kill the fly by biting it, and also so that the fly can support it's weight. So you leave the little spider on the fly, or maybe in a very confined space with it. Hopefully, the spider will start to wrap up the fly or at least crawl onto it. Now when the fly wakes up, he'll start doing his thing -- ie. flying -- and you'll have a nifty little para-sailing spider behind him! Go you.

PROGRAM: If you haven't seen this, Google Earth is freakin' amazing. It's like Google Maps on speed and cocaine, and in roller-coaster form. And the roller-coaster glows in the dark.