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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Disconnect Notice?

OK, so I just got home from the library awhile ago and there was a hand-addressed envelope in the mailbox. It was from Newfoundland Power. Due to the fancy cursive writing on the front, I was expecting something like an invitation to a birthday party for... electricity... or something. But nay, it was (as the title says) a disconnect notice for our power, set for tonight. I guess a guy had dropped by to inquire personally as to why the hell our bills were not being payed. You see, it's supposed to be our landlord's job to take care of the bills after we give him the money, but this notice brings up the pressing question: WHERE THE CRAP IS OUR MONEY GOING?!

But fear not, the landlord owns a few houses and used to actually live in this one himself, so we're thinking that the disconnect notice is a warning for one of his other properties. Hopefully that's the reason, but just in case, Coleman's preparing for the worst. He's currently wearing one of those little headlamp dealies, kind of like the ones coal-miners use. Yep... don't ask where he got it... Coleman has a lot of useless crap. Or rather, he's got useless crap that would be considered useless until some ridiculous situation like the current one comes about.

I'm going to enjoy some warm food while it's still feasible.