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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Picture Recap

Ok, so I've had some photos on my camera for awhile, sitting around and not being much use to anyone. I guess I might as well post some of the better ones up here.

First off, we've got the before Christmas pics:

Coleman finished his last exam, and being the happy kid that he was, he came downstairs to my room and tore his socks off his feet.

He then stuck the tattered socks in Alisha's face.

And when I wasn't looking, he stood on my bed and took a big bite of a chocolate christmas ornament that I'd hung from my vent. Yep... he even ate the decorative foil.

The rest of the pictures are from Burke House, on the last night before everyone went home for break. I'm only going to explain those that I feel need explanations.

Thumbs up: Craig gives his seal of approval. Cut your hair you hippie...

Me placing make-up on Kristen's face. Notice how I could have said "applying", yet chose to say "placing". The former word would imply an underlying sense of order, whereas I just put colors in places that I felt like it.

Pete, Bert, and Billy in Martin's room.
Notice Bert's exam mustache. That's class. Class worthy of capital "C". ON second thought -- Class worthy of capital punishment.

We swapped hats...

Back home, we rented a room at the Courtney Bay Inn, so here are the choice photos from that:

Adam pressing himself against the window (???). I think he's going for the creepy-gremlin-on-the-airplane-wing effect...

Justine, Megan and Andrew on the bed. Those glasses were my dad's from the 70s... I never actually believed that the 70s were as bad as they said, until I saw these beasts.

Erin and Andrew posing.

Some guys invited the girls upstairs to a party earlier in the night. The didn't go at first, but we went up later, only to find the door ajar and the room empty.
So we stole some pizzas and and like three 60s of liquor. Then Erin and I felt bad so we took the booze back, but goddamn that pizza was good. What an awesome swindle!

We also had some group photos, but they must not have been on my camera. If anyone has good pictures, send them to me, cause I didn't get much!

And lastly, on our last night the remainders (Andrew, Jenn, Adam, and me) went driving around looking for something to do. It was a Wednesday night, so the best thing we could think of was to drive around and try to find a certain cell phone tower of our choice.

We picked out one and spent a good half hour driving around, then trekked up this service road.

We finally got to it, but I couldn't figure out a way to get it to show up on film. Mhen, whatever. I'm over it.

So now that those pictures are out of the way, I'll have a real update sometime soon! Over and out I'm done.