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Monday, April 11, 2005

Living arrangements

And oh yeah, Bert and I were supposed to look for a place to live this summer, but we're both slack and won't even begin searching till after our exams. This is bad. My final final, for example, is not until next friday. "Next friday" being the day before we get kicked out of residence at noon. In conclusion, I believe that I have clearly demonstrated in what way this is a bad idea, and also why I should not be given any degree of responsibility.

Hopefully, no one important (such as an employer) ever reads my site, because the whole thing is somewhat of an anti-resumé.

So back to my "point" (using the term lightly): Bert and I, whether we get a place or not -- and weather permitting -- are going to sleep in boxes and/or a tree for one night. I, personally, can see nothing wrong with this idea. But then again, I possess Patrick-logic. This patented logic has led me to sleep in a variety of places, including by not limited to:
  • on bars
  • on the sides of building downtown
  • on the counter while waiting in line for Munch-House
  • in drainage pipes on construction sites (maybe I'll type the story some night)
So yeah... sleeping outside, connecting with nature, and just generally hobo-ing it up... yo. Represent... erm... trees...

PS - I shall provide the answer to the picture riddle below betwixt the hours of noon and 11 of the clock on Monday the eleventh. In other words, there's still time to answer it if you'd like a free drink courtesy of me. And I will mail a beer if I have to.

DOC: 66%