this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Productive day, says me

What the hell is a "mechanistic cheeseball comedy"???

Have you ever been doing some menial task such as separating your laundry, when you realize that you've been singing the same repeated tune (to some words) over and over? Happens to me every once in awhile, but usually I can trace the words back to something I was thinking about or doing earlier. But in this case, all I got is: What the hell? I have no bloody clue where this came from!

Anyway, this is a no frills post. I'm just gonna list the things I'm going to do today, and hopefully since I've written my goals, I'll be motivated to get em' done...

  • Do laundry
  • Take a shower
  • Go for a bike ride (so mice out... "mice" = "nice" in typonese.)
  • But a bike lock
  • Work on Burke House DVD
  • Study a bit
  • Sort out canteen finances
  • Remake _______s (This is somewhat of a late "surprise", so no details online)
  • Do not touch blog for the rest of the day! IMPORTANT!

Comments (in order of appearance):

Mandy -->Wow! You're such a friggin dedicated commentor. Or would that be commenteuse, due to your estrogen content? As always, you're awesome. I'd check your blog more often if you updated with any regularity whatsoever!

Lucas --> Thanks buddy. Means alot. Seriously. Some day, we're actually going to visit one another, ya know that, right?

Madeleine --> heh yeah... "life in the day of me" is what it's said that since the very beginning. It was actually the title of the one song I ever attempted to write this past summer. Thought I was all original, but I guess the Beatles made a song about it. Props to Mandy on that!

Raph --> yeah... I realize now how serious it is. Kinda hit me when CNN listed it as a developing story... Sadly, no one is ever a developing story unless they are about to die. Sorry if I offended anyone with the pope post. I don't so much do the pray thing, but I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best end to this.

Sally --> Listen: Our leaners are plenty worse. Just figured I'd explain the basis of the leaner. We've got piss leaners, old food leaners, broken glo-stick leaners, and the infamous Emerald Palace Tequila leaner (A bunch of people go to the Emerald Palace Chinese restaurant, eat as much as they can, then shoot tequila till they're sick, and throw up in the bucket... well, you get it. Ok, maybe that hasn't happened yet, but Shane Fudge had the idea!)

Jenn --> Ok Jenn, are you challenging my weird-site-finding-abilities? Cause I have MAD weird-site-finding-ability skillz (with a ZEE)! You better recognize. I challenge you to find the most bizarre site you can. We'll see what people think is the weirdest... I'm all about the competition!

DOC: 94%