this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Last Night

Today has been the least productive day ever. No kidding. Less productive than that time when I was 10 and decided to build all the puzzles in my house. Man, did we have a lot of puzzles. At least after that day, I had something to show for all the wasted time. Namely: puzzles. Now I don’t even have puzzles. All I have is the remnants of my headache.

If you haven’t ventured a guess, I was drinking last night. Good ol’ Open Mic Wednesdays… It was ridiculously packed last night! For like the first time ever, we actually had a few drinks before going down to the Breezeway. Usually that doesn’t happen. We were kinda bored so we made up a drinking game for six people where each person is assigned a number between 1 and 6, then you roll a die. If it lands on your number, you take a drink. Simple, eh? Lesson learned: Rolling dice is not a game of chance; Six appears more often than statistically expected.

Anyway, at the Breezeway, Meghan and I tried to co-ordinate a swindle of the neon Budweiser sign off the wall. I figured I’d be cool to have another sign not only since the other one is a little broken, but also because Lovell (Pic: Turned his exam beard into a handlebar mustache last year. Wicked.) seems to have claimed it. I don’t think I’m getting it back. So I crawled behind the curtain divider that they had set up, up the stairs, and then crouched below the waist-high wall. Since only the front half of the bar was supposed to be in use, Meghan was on the cell phone telling me when the bartenders and bouncers were walking by. I was planning on grabbing the sign and making a run out the patio doors. I got it unplugged and unhooked from the wall, but guess what? I guess, now they actually STRAP the signs to screws in the wall, as opposed to just hanging them like they did before. It kinda sucks that I couldn’t get another, but it’s also kinda cool that I left a legacy at MUN. I mean, maybe I’ll go back in 20 years with my kids and the Breezeway’ll still be strapping the neon signs to the wall to keep people from stealing them, and I’ll say, with a proud glimmer in my eyes, “Kids, that’s because of me.” And then I’ll tell them to… I don’t know… make me pasta or something, cause hey, they’re my kids and I can make them do whatever I want.

And oh yeah, last night when me, Mills, and Mitch got home from the Breezeway, we grabbed Coleman and some tools and went down to Martin’s room. Since his door was unlocked, we opened it up, and proceeded to remove all the screws that held the hinges in place. After the door was off, we brought it all the way from first floor up to the fourth floor telephone booth, and left it there. We left Martin a note telling him where it was, and the plan was that we’d put it back on ourselves in the morning. Anyway, it didn’t work out so innocently cause, Shawn (the proctor) got pretty mad, and a work order got put in to get the union guys to come put the door on. Yeah… that means Housing knows. Shawn called me down for a “talk” and long-story-short, he said that he’s going to decide what to do within 24 hours. I’m kinda worried.

So back to being non-productive, like I started out saying. I woke up, threw up, then cleaned up (the leaner that Martin had placed on our door once he realized that his own door was missing, that is), watched a few "eps" -- Hurrah for unnecessary abbreviations! -- of 24 with Mack, went back to sleep till about 6:20, ate supper, openned canteen, then... wrote this blog. It might sound like alot, but the fact that I can pretty much sum up my whole day in one sentence is pretty sad. And oh yeah, a common theme throughout the whole day was aching pain. God bless Tylenol.

PS - A "leaner" is a garbage-can full of water that someone leans against your door so that when you open it, it tips over and turns your floor into a puddle.

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