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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

RPS defeat...

So yeah... I lost the RPS challenge. It was an intense last move though! I was analyzing our previous strategies (Adam:PRSSS ; Pat:PSSRS), and I figured that he would expect me to expect him not to throw scissors again. I anticipated this assumption would lead him to believe that I would paper, myself believing that it was a "safe play" considering no more scissors would be thrown. For this reason, he would ultimately throw scissors. To counterattack his cunning strategy, I would throw rock. I ran this by a few people who were in our room at the time, but then I doubted myself, so Coleman and I re-enacted the whole tournament up to that point while Martin watched. Now that everyone was in the zone, Martin and Coleman both said "Rock", but I was now leaning towards "Scissors", so I played a game of RPS against Coleman. The conditions were: If he won, I'd choose "Rock"; If I won, I'd choose "Scissors". Just to make matters confusing, in that primer game, I threw ROCK and he threw SCISSORS, leading me to win and throw "Scissors" against Adam. Whew... Man, that's confusing.

So I threw "Scissors", and Adam ended up throwing "Rock", and I lost. Yeah... anti-climactic, hey? The kicker's that I was trying to out-think him, being all cool and double-thinking his ass, and in the end he didn't even single think. He fuckin clicked "Rock". Period.

All that strategizing for nothing. Fuck.