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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

UPDATE! ...That is all.

Mandy commented on that "T" at the beginning of my last post, and I just thought I'd add my own comment on that "T". That single "T", in all it's floral glory, took an additional 2.5 hours to add after I had written the post a day earlier! Let me repeat in another language for emphasis: 2.5 heures!!!! Between figuring out how to do tables in HTML to space it right, getting it the right color, getting the right background, and getting it online while Hello (the normal blogger picture uploader thing) was down... I know that last sentence was an incomplete one, but I figured that I could slip it by you guys since you'd probably forgotten how it started by the time it had ended.

Anyway, I wish I had a picture of this, but I guess I'll just explain. Coleman had some gross old food that had been in the fridge for a month, and someone else had some bread. We threw out the two loaves of bread and put some food/mush stuff in each empty bread bag. For the plan to work, Laporte and Dennis needed to be out of their room, so Jay, Coleman and Mills used one bag as a decoy ("Hey Laporte and Dennis, we're gonna 'get' someone! Wanna come??"), and the ever enthusiastic duo fell for the bait. When they left, Pete and I ran snuck out of the phone booth where we had been hiding, and crept into their room. Here, we used some tape to secure the bag of old food underneath Laporte's desk, then we stabbed it a few times with a his pen. It was left there for a few weeks, but unfortunately, with residence being so cold, it failed to ferment, and eventually just fell down. Well, it was a good idea in principle...

Anyway, found this cool thing where you can make cartoons that look like yourself. Ok... I'm a loser... It's at Abi-Station if you also have about 20 minutes to waste inappropriately. Here is me in my oh-so-awesome cartoonified form:

Due to the lack of applicable photos, I've decided to post a few random ones which relate in no way to what I've been talking about:

A sling shot we made in Pete's window to launch food at Curtis House. An utter failure, to say the least. Gravity proved a mighty opponent to our projectile food-stuffs.

Me openning my Nutrition textbook at the end of last semester, and Craig with a "bling" (for reasons unknown).

Me, Sarah, Coleman, and... Sarah's friend...? Drats. Ok listen: I was drunk for the 2nd time that night. I passed out, woke up at 11 pm, and then we all stayed up all night in the TV room, gettting drunk on a 40 ouncer of rum that Coleman had won in a raffle.

Terry wearing my clock (swindled from a wall in the Chemistry building)... again, for reasons unknown. It seemed like a good idea at the time, cause I mean, hey, what's not cool about wearing an oversized novelty clock around your neck?

And finally...

Electric Jesus!!!11
As if Jesus was not already cool enough, someone decided to give him wicked-bad lightning skills. I'm sure Christianity would have a greater following if more churches had stained-glass windows showcasing this piece of awesomeness.

Over and out I'm done.