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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Damn commies!

I hate to say it, but mine and Adam’s RPS challenge has slowed down a bit lately. It was supposed to be once a day until someone won best out of 3, but then shit happened and I became a lazy communist. And I realize that this has nothing to do with communism... but sometimes, communists are just funny. That reminds me: Lefty, remember when I asked you for your mailing address earlier today? Sorry to say that I officially signed you up to be an active member of the Communist Party of Canada. Seriously. You "will be contacted shortly by a representative in your area to discuss your application for membership or to supply you with the information requested." Now I can call you a lousy commie and there ain’t nothing you can say about it! Go me! Only cause you’re awesome Adam!

Here’s the actual results from our Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament:
I started off by unleashing a PAPER on Adam, along with the message: "I just through paper... Or did I?!?!" He took a gamble and also played PAPER, leading to a tie. Next, I cunningly threw SCISSORS, but he flipped the situation around and threw ROCK, causing my strategy to backfire. Next, looking to play off of his assumptions that I wouldn’t dare play the same thing twice after losing, I played SCISSORS again, but he blocked with a clever throw of SCISSORS too. So the current score is one to nothing for Lefty. We decided that, until a winner has been declared, the phrase in question is taboo for the both of us. Below is the breakdown of the tournament so far:

Ok... I lied... It was never an intense diagram...