this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Saturday Summer Memory... on Monday

Again, for the second time in a row, this is Adam "Lefty" Leclerc. We were having a bonfire at his place and he was on the other side of the fire. I told him to look evil, and I believe he pulled it off quite well, considering that Adam is quite possibly that least evil person I have ever met. As Coleman pointed out when I showed him the picture; Doesn't it look like fire is coming out of his right hand? And of course, beer is coming out of his left hand, but the important cool thing is that fire is coming out of his right hand. Wicked.

If anyone else from home wants to be in this sometime, just give me a shout via the comment thing.

Peace out. A-town.