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Monday, February 21, 2005

This post sucks.

Lately, I've gotten onto this crazy clothes schedule. I don't change my clothes until about 6 o'clock at night. This may seem a little weird, but since I'm still changing every 24 hours, should I still feel gross? I can't decide.

I had to get up at 7 am today, so I am soooo tired... I decided to join the UN Society at MUN for some reason, and since the Model UN conference that they're putting on is going on all today and tomorrow, I've been helping with that. The only thing that went wrong all day was that some girl disappeared. I admit, it seemed bad at the time that there was a missing high school student and all her stuff was still lying around, but apparently she just went to work in a hurry. Her mom, who had supposed to be the one picking her up, called Campus Enforcement (CEP) so they had their full on-duty staff of FOUR officers scouring the campus for her. The funny thing was that when her mom called to report it, CEP didn't ask for her number, nor did they ask for a description of the girl, nor her name... I mean, COME ON!!! You're supposed to be a step below the police, but no one on staff thought to ask this?? What's funnier is that they continued to search for her, knowing only that she was a teenage girl. I don't know if you know how the model UN thing works, but you can't just go around yelling "Adolescent girl! Where are you? Excuse me sir, but have you seen a girl about 16 years old with eyes?". There are approximately 200 high school students present. Yep. You thinking that CEP is stupid? Cause I am. It seems as if their training doesn't go much beyound locking doors at night and "patrolling". I have added "CEP" to my Pending List of Things that Suck. Maybe I'll type it up some time...

And another thing for that list: The crappy dress shoes I had to wear today. Man, I haven't worn footwear that uncomfortable since my shoes caught on fire a couple summers ago... Whenever I took a step foreward, the wing-tip part part would bend and push down on the top of my foot. Following one repetition, this shouldn't've (is that a word?) been a problem, but repeat ad nauseam and you've got a big, sore, red spot on your foot. It's a funny shape... kind of looks like the Virgin Mary. Maybe I could cash in on this things-that-look-like-the-Virgin-Mary craze and pawn my foot to an online casino for money.

Hey! I just realized that since I started using this blog, I've become more liberal with the periods. As in dots-at-the-ends-of-sentences periods. I guess when I was using instant messaging things, I always felt that I needed to sound excited or whatever, but now I'm just like fuck it. Cause you can't be excited all the time. At least not without being irrating and getting diagnosed with A.D.D. -- MAN! I can't get over how... how blah I feel today! This sucks... In fact, "this" has been added to my Pending List of Things that Suck.