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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The birth of a new drinking game... and KITTENS!!!

Who SAID Psych wasn't good for anything? Well... me. But I changed my mind. I was reading the textbook earlier today and they were talking about correlations between watching violence on TV and violent behavior, and they happened to mention Die Hard 2. Apparently, there are 264 deaths in that movie. That's a lot of death, but I don't see how any irresponsible behaviour can come out of seeing 264 deaths... But back to my idea: I should invent a drinking game where you watch Die Hard 2 and each time you see one of these 264 deaths occurs, you take a sip. It'd be like a cross between Roxanne and Century Club (100 shots of beer in 100 minutes)!

Last night Coleman and I were talking about getting a kitten or puppy or something. “But Patrick,” you say, “How can you have a pet in residence?” My reply is that there is lots of space in the drawer under my bed. People keep hamsters there, so why not puppies and kittens? Actually, the plan was to get one over the summer if we were both staying here… but then today I was walking through the Engineering building and saw a sign that said “FREE KITTENS!!”. I guess all I have to do is call this Stacy character, and she gives me free kittens. If anyone else would like free 6-week old kittens, her number is (709) 351-3562 as of February 10th, 2005 when she posted the notice. Like they say, there’s no better present for someone on a special occasion than kittens. And they also say that it should be a surprise.

And one more thing. I was doing an ego search on google awhile ago and found out that Coleman and I won the same weekly math contest when we were in grade 5! We’re
number 55. I used to think he was sort of weird back then, and now we’re roommates. At least I thought it was kinda cool…

Oh, and I found
this yesterday but forgot to post it. It's like "YATTA!", only in Arabic.

Happy two-days-after-Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget
March 20th! Good call on that link Billy.