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Friday, March 25, 2005

Referrals and Photo Albums

I would like to issue a warning to Adam Leclerc. I've got this site tracker that keeps track of how many people visit my site, when they visit, what pages they view, but most importantly WHERE THEY WERE REFERRED FROM. Since I can see what someone searched for if they found my page through a search engine, this has previously proved amusing. Anyway, the warning goes out to Adam because someone found my site by searching for "ADAM LECLERC" on google. They even used all-capital letters just like that, so you just know they're angry and creepy. I'm picturing someone in a dark room lit only by the glow of their computer screen, holding down "shift", then slowly and deliberately pressing each successive letter with their pointed index finger. And they're scowling. Be afraid Adam.

And also, heads up to those people who might be visiting sites like, and then decide to visit mine and leave a comment. I'll know. So don't. Please. I'll think I might laugh if some day I go to check how people were referred to me, and I fing that someone found me through a google search for hotmalebumsex. That would make my day. And just to clear it up, I don't know whether that site actually exists, and I'm not about to check it out. You can chance it, but I'm not.

And ooh ooh! Update on my idea! I've got a site at set up, so bookmark it! For those of you who want to add your own pics, just email/msn me and I'll send you the password! Everyone gets their own album, but try not to do repeats. Not sure how much room we get on that site, and I'm not even done with all my pictures yet, so we'll probably find out the limit soon.

I've been trying to think of a new way to sign off since I lost the rights to my preferential catch-phrase, so I figured I'd go with the saying-goodbye-in-some-other-language thing that seems to be popular with so many of the kids. Good old Altavista... Anyway, it doesn't have the same ring to it as French or Spanish, but I'll go with German.

Auf Wiedersehen! ...

Man... That sucks. Way to go German language, for making something as simple as "goodbye" into something as ugly as... those Christmas sweaters I got when I was five. Hopefully I didn't insult any Germans... or my Nanny... but I mean, come on, who speaks friggin German anyway?

Adam's probably going to forward this to the German Society at MUN or something, just to be a jerk. Or maybe to get me back for signing him up for the communist party... Hey! Adam! Has a "local representative of the communist party" contacted you yet? Huh? Have they? Ha... I crack me up.

Anyway, later guys!