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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Faaaaaaaaaaancy's tale

The title's just keeping with the current trend of extended vowels...

So yesterday was the ever-so-lovely keg party, and though I couldn't go, the stories entertained me for at least a few minutes. The best one involved Fancy. Most of you in res have probably already heard it since, since Fancy was going around telling left, right and center... and quadrilaterally. I heard it probably 3 times myself from a very inebriated Fancy. Anyway, here it goes, from my understanding:

The keg party was held in a small-type bar, and the owner of the bar was there. I guess he was a really cool guy, what with buying every rounds of beer and giving away some free shots, so before they left Martin asked everyone to contribute to a tip for the owner. All Fancy had was a $20 bill, so he threw in $10 and took his change back out.

Later that night, people were buying pizza. Fancy went up to pay for his slice, threw the guy a $10, and was surprised when the cashier looked up at him and asked "What the fuck is this?". Fancy had no clue what was going on, so he asked what the guy meant. The guy started freaking out and saying that the bill was counterfeit, then picked up the phone to call the police. Fancy was just like "Whoa! Calm down, buddy." He took the bill back, then naturally threw more money at the problem and offered the guy a twenty; keep the change, of course. So he had his pizza and now they were heading home in a cab. Inside this van cab, someone ate his pizza, so Fancy got kinda pissed and threw the styrofoam plate into the back of the van. The cabbie started freaking out and yelling at him, so again, drunk Fancy threw money at the problem -- The same $10 bill as before. The cabbie looked at the bill, said "Da fuck is this?", and threw it back at Fancy. This was when Fancy finally looked at the bill with the attention-for-detail that only a vigilant drunk can muster. It looked like this: front and back. I thought it was funny.

Apparently Matthew threw in his novelty-gay $10 bill illustrated with a novelty-gay man flaunting his novelty-gay penis. (PS - Matthew himself is novelty-gay.) So that's Fancy's story, which he will no doubt have on his own blog in one form or another.

I've had my say. I'm out.

PS - I wholeheartedly support the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement!

And another thought: Is there any article of clothing that is more funny in verb form than "pants"? The idea of pantsing someone is so much funnier than pants themselves. By the way, shouldn't it be de-pantsing? Mhen, I should stop... I've been told that the literary technique of turning nouns into verbs is looked down upon. You heard it here kids: Never verbify your nouns...

Heh... I'm so tongue-in-cheek...

DOC: 91%