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Friday, April 08, 2005

Gooooooooo FRIDAY!!! ...ahem.

I think that if you live in a big city and you own a car, you should get in the habit of giving the horn a quick honk every time you get out of the car. That way, any would-be car thieves'll think you've got some high tech car alarm shit goin on, and that you've just activated it. I know, don't thank me now... just think of me whenever you come back to your car and it's... not... stolen?

Man, it took so much effort not to go out tonight! There is a huge FREE keg party going on at one of the bars for the winning team of Burke Day. Ya see, last term the same thing happenned: One team won, but the keg party prize wasn't until the friday before finals, so it the people who ended up going weren't even originally on the team. It was pretty much whoever was willing to get their drunk on right before exams. Anyway, I even planned for this contingency this year and was saving my drunk night for this Friday, but then I heard on Wednesday that it wasn't going on that way this term, so I went to Open Mic instead. And then; SURPRISE! "Happy stupid day, you jerk!" said God, "There really is a keg party!" (Contrary to popular belief, God plays a key part in keg parties, so I know he was involved...) So yeah, I'm sticking home and getting my learn on instead of my drunk. I just can't bring myself to go out twice in the week before exams, and I already gave my night up... Dah well, last night of res will be fun anyway!

Note to self: Start looking for a place to live. As much as I love cardboard boxes and all cardboard-box-related things, I have an inkling -- heh... inkling... -- that I would not enjoy living in one this summer...

Also found this. If I had some of this, I think I would just freak out. Or explode. This much pleasure was not intended for mere mortals.

Shout out to Ashley! She wanted me to write something about her, so.... Ashley drinks her own pee.

DOC: 95%