this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Early morning or late night?

It's 6:48 am. I just got home from work.

Y'see... I was participating in a round-table discussion on UN reform yesterday morning from 8 to 12, so I missed work in the morning (as always). I'm not sure why I was involved in this round-table thing, cause I knew only what I'd read up on the subject the day before. Anyway, there were only 25 people and a news crew, and I can't help but think that if I'd actually read a few books on UN reform a week or so in advance, I could have easily been one of the two or three selected to go to Ottawa for the national round-table. Double drats! Oh well, I picked up a few books yesterday afternoon after the conference thing -- You know... just for enlightenment. And so if I'm ever invited to an identical round-table, I shall kick some ass political science style, yo!

So anyway, then I did the gym thing, a single hour of work, and finally I came home and conformed my body to the shape of the couch for awhile. By 9pm I found myself back at work. Having anticipated the drowsiness that would accompany two of the clock in the morning, I brought with me a caffeinated beverage. Lacking instantized coffee or spare change to buy a redbull, I brought a Molson Kick. It actually did the trick! Hmmmm... Guarana extract... I drank beer and ate a sandwich at 2:30am in the lab, which was an experience I could have done without.

Actually, I figured out that there was a cute little mouse running around the lab, so I salvaged some cheese out of my sandwich and left it on the floor. Sounds nice, don't it? Well... I forgot to mention that I'd dipped the aforementioned dairy delight in arsenomolybdate (ie. an arsenic solution) beforehand. Take that, you small woodsy creature! Teach YOU to take on a man of science! Betcha didn't expect me to jam up your electron transport chain at cytochrome c, didja? Where's your proton motive force now, bitch?? HUH? Try to cellular respirate after that, cheese... face? Wow. That was weak...

Anyway, I'm getting behind in the photo stories! I've still go to do that SalmonFest one, and I've got a few pictures from this weekend at Julia's camp with her, Coleman, and Gill. Fun times all around!

Well, look at the clock! Seems like the opportune time for my deprived body to collapse quivering into the fetal position...