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Thursday, July 14, 2005

"That apartment smelled like Asian people."

Coleman and Julia and I were checking out an apartment for the fall, and while driving away, we had a conversation about this:

You know how the homes of people of different cultures smell certain ways? I mean -- you can tell whether a random home is Oriental or Indian just by walking in and smelling it, right? (Keep in mind, I do not advise doing this. You might creep out the tenants.) Nothing racist here, it's just the odour of the particular foods of their culture.

Well, we had been looking at a place where some Japanese international students were currently staying, and we all pretty much agreed that we wouldn't be able to bear living there if the smell didn't come out. I know this sounds horrible, but I just found the smell SOOO overwhelming! It was like someone declared a sensory WWII on my olfactory glands, only without the Germans.

Well we were just wondering, if a group of Canadians (or of any Western nation, for that matter) had lived in -- say -- China, would there be a smell when they left? Do we leave behind a cultural smell? Julia thought our characteristic might be a lack of smell, but I figure there'd have to be something. Like when the next would-be tenants came to look at that place, would they sniff the air and whisper to one another, "This place smells like fucking white people!" while attempting to suppress giggles? Keep in mind: We did NOT do this! I'm just being dramatic!

Anyway, seriously -- I would really like to know what we smell like! I don't think of us as having a distinct odour, but that doesn't mean much. I figure it's the same as how I don't think of myself as having an accent, while a British dude will tell me that I definitely do.

If anyone knows the answer to this, please enlighten me.