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Friday, August 05, 2005

The long-awaited SalmonFest recap

Cue FOX music.
**Ba-bada-baaaah ba-ba-baba-ba-ba bada-bah ba-ba-ba-baaaaaaah**

Cue royal-sounding bugles.
**Bugle bugle bugle** Or whatever sound they make.

Cue up-lifting song We Are the World by Michael Jackson feat. Lionel Ritchie, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Paul Simon, Kenny Rogers, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, etc.
**We are the world, we are the children, We are the ones who make a brighter day...**

Ok people. Calm down. Nothin to see here... EXCEPT THAT I'VE FINALLY GOTTEN AROUND TO -- well, doing what the subject line says. No use repeating myself now, is there?

And as usual, I will be telling this tale with all the wit and charisma of an orangatan with a mentally debilitating disease... plus twice the good looks. And yes, I realize that you don't tell a story with good looks, but I thought -- what the hey -- I'll throw it out there.

So for all of you who Salmon Festival is foreign to, here's how it works: The vast majority of the youth of Newfoundland congregate in Grandfalls-Windsor for a weekend of music and drinking. And while they're enjoying the concert, they'll be staying at the fabulous RED CLIFF CAMPGROUND! (Imagine that last sentence in your mind's best Rod Roddy voice -- God rest his soul) Below is a morning-after picture taken from one of the "streets" in the campground. It's not so glamourous in the light of day...

And here are some other random pictures of the campground (And yes -- that's a hot tub on the back of a flat-bed truck):

Sorry if this is pretty incoherent, but I just tell it as it is. These pictures are the main thing I've got to go on in deciphering the events of the weekend, and as for chronological order -- well, you'd know it just as well as me.

The first night, I ended up sitting up with the Squires girls and Loder all night, and it was a BLAST! I didn't go to bed till morning-light. Actually, I just remembered now. Someone told me that I could sleep in their tent, but they didn't give me very good directions, so I just went in a tent. The thing was, there were people inside. Naturally, I yelled at them. Not sure why. I can only imagine what that must have been like for them: Sleeping in a tent with your significant other, only to groggily wake up to a drunk stranger yelling at you and telling you that you were in his tent. So when they started to wake up, I left. I vaguely remember sleeping in the back of a station wagon of which the trunk had been left open. I think I just wanted somewhere to sleep that was out of the rain. So anyway, here are the pics of that night:

Oh and Janet's in one of those pictures too! Actually, I saw her the next day in the liquor store, and I asked her "Sooo... were you at Red Cliff last night?" She told me really bluntly that she'd been me for awhile, then she walked away. I guess she may have been a little pissed. Who knew that girls found it insulting when you forgot about their existence for a brief period of time... that's news to me.

The next day was the concert, and since this year The Tragically Hip, Finger Eleven, and K-OS (who no-showed) were scheduled to perform, the place was pretty packed. Here are the pre-show (or moreso pre-me-paying-attention-to-show) pictures:

Please note Fancy and Lesleyanne's looks of glee. Or rather, Lesleyanne's expression of glee and Fancy's expression of man-joy. Guys don't do the whole "glee" thing.

Here's a few pics of Lesleyanne and me:

Lesleyanne falls asleep -- I pull her hair. It's a thing we have.

Oh and here are Bert and Ania on the way to the concert. In the rain.

And here are Susan (who I hadn't seen in forever) and Fancy (who appears to have no clue what's going on), respectively:

As for the above photo, one of these shoes is not mine. I have no clue where it came from, nor where it went. All I know is that when I was looking through the pictures the next morning, I saw this one and had to check my feet to make sure. Who knows where that shoe is today...

And next we have my horrible concert photography. Pretty good considering I know nothing about the concepts of light and shadow... and... focal points? I've got a pimped out camera, yet I don't know how to work it...

One thing: me = awesome

Ok, there's a little more, but it's late and I'm tired, so I'll hop to it at a later date! Over and out I'm done.