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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Odd goings-on

Right now, I sitting downstairs and waiting for our drive to the Our Lady Peace concert to get here, so I decided to write a quick post on the abnormal things that have happened while walking home to our new place. Really though, there've only been two things.

1) I got hit by a big yellow Volkswagen Beetle in the middle of the day. I was crossing the street on a red light and the driver was looking in the other direction and gunned it right into me. I'm proud to say that I didn't do the deer-in-headlights thing, but actually tried to get away. I didn't. I jumped up, managing to keep myself from sliding beneath the wheels, and rolled over the hood onto the road beside the car. Naturally, the girl driving was all apologetic and ranting, but I was all like "Don't worry about it. You failed to maim me, you slut." Actually, she was so sorry that it was hard to be mad at her, so I just kept telling her not to worry and she eventually drove away. Who am I to slow her down. I'm sure she had many more important people to hit that day.

The funny thing is that she had a very distinct vehicle, so I'll probably recognize her around. Maybe I'll see her parking outside a bar and be like "Soooooo... remember that time you hit me with your car? Yeah... good times..." And from there I can offer to buy her a drink or something. It could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. After all, like my mother always used to say: Nothing brings two people together like attempted vehicular manslaughter.

Mhen, this took longer than anticipated, so I'll explain the other thing some other time... and maybe I'll post some pics from the OLP concert too! Peace out.