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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Vacationing at Home

OK so first off, I'll explain why I've been no-posting lately. I'm visiting home, and since I've gotten here, I've been busy like every day. Between seeing friends from home, dropping my brother off at McGill, and visiting Lucas in Montreal, I've had no time. Hmmm... does it make sense to say that? "Between... {and then 3 things I've been doing}". Maybe it only works when you have two things... I propose a diagram!Being on my shitty-shit ghetto computer at home, I've got nothing but Paint, so you'll have to make due with the no-frills version.

Get it?! "No time between..."? Ehn? Ehn??? Aw whatever. You suck anyway.

So yeah, this blog drought should be fixed by the time I get back to Newfoundland and get my shit together. In the meantime though, I'll try to post pictures up at some point later in the week, since I have sooooo many of them... There'll be lot of shots of hot chicks... and partying... and drinking... and... naked... and other such words that will get me hits from Google searches.

And second off (if you still remember that all of the above has been the "first off"), I would like to make some shout-outs. While home and speaking with people, I've discovered some people who've been reading my blog, many of whom I had no clue did! So here is the short-list so far... SHOUT-OUTs go to:
1) Mom
2) Dad
3) Danielle Boyle
4) Adam's younger brother's (Jon's) friend.
And an especially warm and ecstatic shout-out goes to #5 on the list (but #1 in my heart), Brian Munn's (My brother's friend's) mom. You go Mrs. Munn!!!

So now that that's done with, I will enlighten you as to a funny fact which I learned last night. But before I get into the bulk of the lesson, I'll give you the preamble: Remember Pop Rocks? Those little hard candies that popped in the moist environment of you mouth? Remember those? Ok, good. < End preamble >
Well, one thing you might not have known was that, when exposed to ice-cold water (or any beverage for that matter), Pop Rocks don't just "pop". They fuckin explode. As in KA-BLAM.

So we had our drinks last night and Emily had Pop Rocks and was putting them in her drink. Since hers had no ice in it at the time, the result was a very disappointing climax that consisted of fizzling and small, unexciting bubbles. We forgot about the Pop Rocks for awhile, but then I unknowingly threw some into my "rum and something" on the rocks (which is a drink that contains only rum with some sort of diluting liquid). My eyes and face were showered with tiny shards of hard candy, and the resulting "CRACK" sound was heard above the ambient conversation and radio noises. We had some fun with this for awhile, by means of quickly and covertly shaking the Pop Rocks container over an unsuspecting victim with an iced drink. I highly suggest you try it.

Eventually though, we became bored of this and decided that there was already enough candy all over the floor. In an attempt to amuse myself, I caught a spider that had been roaming Jana's house and deposited it into a glass, which I had previously filled the bottom of with ice-water. I then threw Pop Rocks at the spider until I no longer found the game entertaining.

But the best part of the Pop Rocks experience was by far when Coleman arrived. He suggested filling my mouth with Pop Rocks, then taking a big gulp of ice-cold drink. Hey -- it sounded like a good idea at the time (coming from the guy I'd snorted Sour Patch Kids sugar with...). So I filled my mouth with the tiny hard candies, took a swig of my drink, and KA-FUCKING-POW! No kidding; it was border-line painful. Everyone who was watching just heard one big POW and saw me jolt after I drank the cold drink. You wouldn't believe how loud it was. I could literally feel the pressure inside my mouth when all the little candies exploded...

So anyway, try it. Really. Do it....!

Coleman's having people over to his place tonight for a pool-and-hot-tub-type shindig, so I've got to grab a shower and get going, but I'll have a real update later.

Until we meet again...

Erm... scratch that wiener-esque ending... how about...
Catch you on the flip-side! Oh yeeeeeah... awesome.