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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Handouts for the homeless

So as I've said, Craig's coming down tomorrow PLUS I've got a whole bunch of extra food in my fridge. It's mostly bacon, chicken, chicken nuggets, potatoes, butter and eggs -- at least that's all that must be purged from my fridge or else it'll spoil.

And oh yeah, there's beer.

And speaking of beer, there also seems to be a few homeless people over by George Street who get through the weeks by using the generosity of drunks to their advantage. I figure that the right thing to do is for Craig and I to give all the extra food to the homeless guys. I know much better than to give them free beer to wash it down, so instead of that, I think the best thing to do is to drink it ourselves. Look -- I'm just thinking in terms of what would be best for society, ya know...

So when Craig gets in tomorrow, somewhere in between the packing we should get loaded, cook up a bunch of food for the homeless people, and hand it out downtown.

I'm banking that the homeless people will trust the food to be edible when dispensed fully-cooked from two wasted guys... Not to seem insensitive, but I mean -- They're homeless! What do they have to lose? Hopefully they don't turn it down...

If getting drunk and giving out food to the impoverished doesn't constitute a noble gesture, then I don't know what does... That shit's like Noble peace prize, yo.