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Saturday, February 25, 2006

(P)reviewing the week to come -- An Update.


Pending List of Things That Make Me Happy:
1. Ashley is coming back to Newfoundland on Tuesday night!
I love this girl. She was supposed to be living with us this past school-year, but unforeseen circumstances forced her to -- Hmm... how shall I put this? -- bail on us. Just kidding Ash, you know that I completely respect your "unforeseen circumstances". Just glad you're coming back. In honour of Ashley, I'm going to throw together a picture collage of her.

And here are some of the desktop background that she would make when she came over to visit and I wasn't there. Being as stressed out as I was the first year, I probably wouldn't have made it through without her... It was nice to come back from the library at like midnight, tired and grumpy, and find one of those backgrounds. Except for the "Welcome to Loserville" one, but that was just funny.

2. I'm going to Ottawa on Wednesday morning to participate in a NERD CONFERENCE! Yay!!! I'm in the UN Society, so I'm going to CANIMUN, my first collegiate-level model UN simulation. Woop woop! I'm representing Pakistan in the World Trade Organization ECOSOC room. In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have chosen a room that had nothing to do with anything I was knowledgeable in, cause yeah -- I've had to "cram" for this for the last few weeks. It's like a whole other course. So anyway -- We'll be going to seminars, taking part in debate, and getting a custom-tour of the Pakistani Embassy from their Ambassador. Hurrah!

3. And I'm going to see the Metric concert on Saturday night! I've jsut started listening to them recently, so I'm kind of new to the scene, but from what I can tell, they rock. Hardcore. Technically, the concert is sold out, so we're going to take the scalper route. So barring any unexpected pre-concert muggings or knifings, it should be a splendid concert.

Wow... this has been kind of a sensible post... Well... then.. um... VAMPIRE HOOKERS EAT PANCAKES. That's better -- just a dash of nonsense.