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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Downtown pictorial

OK, so here’s the downtown recap for the last little while:
A few weeks ago Derm, Bert, and I all went downtown with the Mile Zero Ultimate Frisbee League (which we joined awhile ago) for the season kick-off party. And for those of you who don’t think Frisbee is cool, it is. How do I know this? Because they stuck an “ultimate” in front of the “frisbee”. Sometimes they leave the “frisbee” out completely, so it’s just “ultimate”. I mean, you know you’re playing a bad-ass game when it’s called “ultimate”. So anyway, after that, the three of us went to The Duke of Duckworth and had a few drinks there. Around 11, I stumbled downstairs to go to the bathroom and found an unlocked door with “The Brewing Room” printed on it in Fancy letters. Though it wasn’t as exciting inside as I thought it’d be, it did lead to a little hall that opened into the alley behind the bar. And in this little hall were a few of the bar’s signs that were supposed to be hanging outside the building. We’re not sure whether they were old signs or whether they were just down for repairs, but needless to say, we took one. It’s now in our TV room, like so:

We hid the sign in the back alley so that we could pick it up later, then went over to The Casbah, this awesome little bar that Derm knew about. It was so much fun! My new favourite drink-place I think! It had this cool dim, high-ceilinged atmosphere, with a balcony second level hanging overhead and patio lanterns strung above the bar. The bartender girls were all loaded and ended up giving us like 3 free shots -- one for getting there, one for leaving, and one for just being awesome. And oh yeah, apparently thick import beers have this little marble inside. Bert drank his beer and then disappeared into the bathroom for like 15 minutes. Since the bar was really dim, we could see Bert’s shadow under the door flailing around. When he came back out, he had the little plastic marble and the mangled can which he’d pulled it out of. And oh yeah, his hand was torn to shit and he had bloody paper towel wrapped around it! He had to ask the bartenders if they had a first-aid kit so that he could slap some bandages on and stop the bleeding.

Anyway, we grabbed the sign, crammed ourselves into a cab and arrived home at like 4 am. It was kinda funny cause Bert and I both fell asleep sitting up in the TV room – him in the chair and me on the couch. I woke up at maybe 7 and went to my real bed. But anyway, this was all a few weeks ago, but the week just past was the best. And Derm took PICTURES! Go Derm.

OK, so we started off at Lauren's house for a barbecue, where there were high-five abound. Ain't nothing cooler than high-fives... except maybe... no. Nevermind. Nothing cooler than high-fives.

I felt like being all classy, so I bought some 15-dollar steaks. That feeling of classiness lasted until I realized that it was the equivalent of paying a buck per bite. Nothing dissipates a classy feeling like the realization that you're eating loonies...

After the barbeque, we all hopped a cab and headed downtown. After visiting the Casbah again (which didn't live up to previous expectations), and then The Ship, we passed by a telephone pole with all these ads on it. You see, people had just been taping flyers to this pole for at least a few years -- the new on top of the old -- so that there were a bunch of layers of paper held together with adhesive tape. For some reason, Derm started pulling at it and a big fluff of flyers started hanging down. Naturally, I burrowed into the mess of papers and then walked away from the pole so that the big paper suit stayed stuck on me.

It's amazing how many people want to get pictures with you when you're wearing garbage. I felt like some kind of hobo celebrity or something. One girl (not pictured) aked me "What kind of statement are you trying to make?", to which I replied, "Uhh... I don't know... I just found a bunch of garbage stuck to a pole and jumped in." I know, I know... I bet you kids wish you could be smooth like me. Bert says that if I'd just made something up, like about the homeless or saving the whales, then I definitely could have picked up. And yes, that's a bank security guard who was put there to keep the homeless people from sleeping in the ATM room overnight...

Finally, we all went to Christian's where we sat around and Bert and Derm took turns trying to get pictures of the other.

Then there were more high-fives and thumbs-ups.

Then I smoked one of the ads I was wearing, hoping one of the smokers would tell me how stupid it was to smoke a piece of paper that was on fire. Unfortunately, no one did... but if they had, I would have had some type of awesome retort, I'm sure...