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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Two things I've discovered (which will NOT change the world)

Maybe you guys don't remember this, but way back when, I did this post and included in it this site I'd found while looking for He-Man pictures (don't ask, cause I don't rememeber why!). Anyway, I was browsing through the Maxim magazine that Sheldon got in the mail a few days ago, and what do I spy, but the same picture! Check it out:

I mean, how cool is that?! If I found a link to it on some site, then I wouldn't be as proud, but I found it all by myself. Wicked, eh? Yeah, I'm cool.

Anyway, as I mentioned last night in my drunken state: It was a good drunk night. When I get the pictures from Derm, I'll explain, but until then, I'll just say that in involved downtown, strangers, and a big suit made out of garbage. 'Nuff said.

And in closing, I just read some old posts, in particular the ones about the RPS challenge with Adam for the rights to a certain catchphrase. I realize for the first time that I STILL HAVE THE RIGHTS TO "Peace out."! I thought that I'd lost those too, but on closer inspection of my initial proposal, I've still got em! Go me! Way to read my own fine-print, doofus.
Fuck y'all. :)

Peace out.