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Saturday, October 01, 2005

I Miss Home: Photo-Enhanced Memories

Here are some classic pictures from the distant past (ie. two years ago):

This was at my house on the last night of Christmas break back in first year. Me, Jana, Garrett & Craig all stuck our faces in a cake that had been lying around. I woke up groggy and was at first really pissed about who messed up my cake. Then I saw the pictures and it all came flooding back...

At the Canada Day fireworks two summers ago I believe. As per usual, I was dragging the camcorder around with me.

Same party: Lucas thoroughly enjoying his Amaretto.

Same party: Garrett... grabbing... Jana? Listen: I don't know.

New Years 2003 at Coleman's: Adam and Erica chilling at the table. Adam's probably repeating something from "8 Mile", no doubt.

Same party: Sarah, Coleman, Jeanette & Sally -- Portrait disrupted courtesy of Coleman Black.

Same party: Adam and Shannon being buddies.

Thanksgiving 2003: Shara, McLean and Craig. I miss McLean...


Dropping Chris off at University: Chris looking very sneaky...

The whole family just before ditching the jerk in his new home. I kid, I kid... I LOVE YOU, BROTHER!

Me and my parents right before boarding my plane to Newfoundland this year...