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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Odd happenings: Part 2

Gah! Ok it's late and I want to get to bed so I'm going to write a quick post with no back spacing and no thinking, so if it seems rushed than that's why! Hooray for run-on sentences a-plenty.

Ok so like I was saying a-ways back, two odd things happened to me while coming home on different days. The first involved me getting hit by a happy little yellow Volkswagen Beetle (which I saw parked by the library today, bee-tee-double-you). But don't worry, I'm A-OK. Catastrophe averted.

So yeah, the second thing happened a few days ago and is just plain weird. I was coming out of the side-exit of the Science building and noticed something lying on the edge of the walkway. I went closer and saw that it was a little chickadee. I was "sitting" back in a way that I didn't think chickadees could do. It was actually upwright on its feet, but sitting back on its tail-feathers. Since it wasn't moving and I was right beside it, I assumed that it was dead or something. After all, this particular walkway was underneath a skywalk overpass between buildings, so I figured that maybe it had... I dunno... fallen -- if birds can do that. And the fact that it's mouth/beak was wide open and not closing made that observation a sensible one.

So I was about to carry on my merry way when I noticed the dead chickadee do something that dead chickadees don't tend to do. It blinked. So I thought pensively to myself, "What the goddamn holy hell?!". Then I got down on my hands and knees for a closer look. The bird was sitting there, almost perfectly still, within arms length of me. It was breathing really quickly and blinking every so often.

It's not often that I whip this word out, but I was utterly "flabberghasted"! I had no clue what to do! Should I call for help? There were people walking by along an intersecting walkway a few meters away, so I yelled to them "What do you make of this?". Looking back, I can see why they'd ignored me. I was a creepy dude on his hands and knees, looking intently at a dead bird from 2 feet away.

Still not knowing what to do, I decided that maybe I should pet the bird. Yeah I know: stupid. But hey -- maybe this little chickadee just needed some lovin'. Like I said, I didn't know what the hell to do in a situation like this! So I reached out, and as I extended my arm, the little bird swallowed -- as in it closed it's previously gaping beak, then opened it again. I drew back when it did this, but then continued forward and gave it a good pet on the back of its head with my thumb. It still DID NOT freakin' move!

So I pet it again.

I just didn't know what else to do! But this time, it all at once freaked out and flew upwards, almost hitting the under-side of the above-mentioned skywalk as it scrambled to get away. I watched it fly up into a tree on the side of the walkway. Having nothing else to do, I continued my walk home.

There are three conclusions that I can draw from this experience:

1) I just witnessed a chickadee having a catatonic seizure.

2) I transiently lost my mind and started seeing things. Thinking back, the people walking by did ignore me and one girl actually looked back over her shoulder as she was walking away. Maybe there was no chickadee... In that case, I have a problem.

3) Maybe I met my spirit guide. If this were the case, then I probably should have followed it, or grabbed it, or -- I dunno -- asked it about the secrets of the universe. Conclusion #3, might also tie in with #2...

So anyway... yeah. If only I'd had my digital camera with me...