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Monday, February 27, 2006

Summer Video 2004: St. Martin's Trip

Starring: Adam, Coleman, Andrew & Pat

OK, as promised, I'm posting a video from way back in the summer of 2004. The background is this: One night earlier in the week, we'd driven my van out to this middle-of-nowhere dirt road off the highway. The "road" was basically just marshy land that had been beaten down by trucks. You need to drive up this way to get to some pond in the woods called "The Deep-hole", where people used to go swimming in the summer. To give you an idea of how bad it was, though we didn't get it on camera, there was an empty car stranded in a big puddle of mud up to the carriage, cause it had run over an drop-off an gotten stuck.

So yeah, we got to the end of the road that night, and it had been pitch black. We walked to the bank of the stream that you have to cross, looked down, and everyone freaked out cause there was a big bloody dead cow laying on the riverbank. We freaked out and drove home. I actually had that on tape at one point, but my brother taped over it. Fuckin' jerk. And you know what he taped over it with? His stupid, ugly friends, that's what.

Just kidding. His friends weren't that ugly...

So this video is when Coleman, Adam, Andrew & I went back to find the cow. Cause we're that cool. {That was the kind of stuff we did. Sometimes we'd pick out random destinations in the distance (such as big houses or cell towers) and try to find them in the car. For some reason the was actually really fun most of the time! I've got video of Jana and I out on an adventure to some place called "Backland Road", and maybe I'll post that sometime too.}

So after that cow search, we decided to drive over to St. Martin's (a little town about an hour away), and go see the caves along the shore.

Before you watch it though, you should thank Adam "Lefty" Leclerc for sending the video back to me. I'd lost it at some point, and the DVD with all the raw video files broke, so he saved this from oblivion. You go girl.

And also: HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY ADAM!!! Coleman and I did a webcam toast to him earlier, with Bailey's and Crown Royal whiskey, but you know what else I'm gonna do? When I get home to New Brunswick, I'm gonna make you a pizza. That's right. No no no -- tut tut -- thank me later.

So here's the vid. Enjoy, kiddies. If you can tolerate through the beginning, it gets better...

NOTE: If the video doesn't work, that's probably because it is stilling being processes. give it some time and it should be up within a few hours.