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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

poem fragment

Sometimes when I'm studying, I think of pieces of poems, but I'm just too lazy to write the rest of them. I figured I'd just write/type this one down before I forget it, and before I head back to the library. I guess the context is kinda necessary, so I'll just say I was looking at the library's cement walls and pillars around me as I was studying in a little cubicle in one of the dark corner of the library. I only had the lgith front a sliver of a window, the rest of which was on the other side of the divider wall that I was working wit my back too. There literally layers and layers of signatures and messages on the concrete, and if you strained, you could see ones from as far back as the 70s (like that lack of apostrophe Raph? Just for you, buddy.). Maybe I'll write the rest of this later:

Lifting my pen,
I made my addition:
A mark on the wall
In the shape of my name.

PS - If you linked here from Coleman's blog, all I've got to say about the bird is that Bert wanted the exterminator guys to catch it with electric seeds... Yep. Your guess is as good as mine. Well, I thought it was funny. Well, back to the libizzary, to stoozle some bizooks... dawg.

DOC: 97%