this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Blogathon questions

Ok... blogathon questions in order of asking:
(Remember: elaborate if possible, even if the question doesn't necessarily ask. Answering with all short answers is BO-RING)

1. Why do you always start any online conversations/messages to me with "PAAAAAAAAATTTTT!"?
2. Why are you still obsessed with that "Continuum" game, as in what do you see in it?
3. If you could turn into any one inanimate object on cue, what would it be?
4. What's your favourite day of the week and why (for reasons other than the school/work-week cycle)?
5. Who's you favourite 80s pop icon (TV, movies, etc)?

1. When did you realize that I was your one true love? (hahaha I so funny)
2. How do I get to your house? (I lost the map again)
3. Tofu or beef stroganoff: Which food is more you, and why?
4. If you were going to DO IT in a public place, where would that be?
5. If "Mandy" was a brand name, it would be for what specific type of product, and why? (type of food food, appliance, clothing, or whatever)

1. Why do you call me "Pati" (full story)?
2. What's your favourite personal story about a freaky place such as the Bone-yard, the Scary Church or whatever? (explain for those who don't know the background)
3. If "Sally's" were a race, and there was a racial joke about them, how many of you would it take to screw in a lightbulb? Remember to say what each of you would do.
4. What's a memorable dream that you remember from when you were little?
5. Did you ever have a thing for Coleman? STORY!

Ok, that's it for now! Later kiddies!