this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


So here I am, at the Health Sciences Library at MUN, 4 days after finishing school for the summer, and guess what I'm doing. Studying. Tomorrow, I've got a meeting with Dr. Hoover, my employer for the next few months while I'm doing research. Before 9 am, I've got to read a textbook that he's published, two of his research papers, and a pamphlet. Some of you might be like, "Hey, a pamphlet! At least that's easy!"


A "pamphlet" in research terms is about 30 pages long. And it has very small print. And no pictures.

I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing tomorrow, but I think they're going to teach me how to do whatever I'll be doing all summer for starch research (Yeah, I know. Exciting. To the max.), so Dr. Hoover wanted to make sure I had the background. If this is the background, I have a feeling I'm going to cry when I see the foreground.

So anyway, I biked over here earlier to study and got a chance to use my new bike lock for the first time. I was busy trying to wind it through the frame and the spokes of the wheel when I noticed something on the ground beside me. It was the very same bike lock model as mine, right down to the color. And it was visibly hacked all the way through, with the frayed metal sticking out of the plastic sleeve on either end of where it had been cut. Confidence inspiring, ain't it? Whatever, nothing I can do about it now!

I'm not actually starting this job until monday, so I guess this Wednesday thing is just an orientation thing. I don't know Dr. Hoover at all, so I've been trying to get some inside tips about him from his daughter, Shobi (ie. favourite color, least favourite food, etc.). So far I know that he really loves country music and that his favourite movie is Jurassic Park. I'm trying to think of a good openning line. So far I've go a few: There's "Man, I wish there was more country music in the Jurassic Park soundtrack", "Hello! I hear you like country music and Jurassic Park!", and the ever popular "So... How bout country music? Jurassic Park?". Maybe I'll just make a shirt that says on the FRONT: "If the dinosaurs had Garth Brooks..." and BACK: "Maybe they wouldn't be so fucking dead." I think he'd enjoy that.


  • I have not lived in a box yet.
  • Bert and I found a place to live.
  • I'm living out of suitcases at Lovell's until we move into our own place on Saturday.

Later people! We'll make contact later. Maybe when I get settled in and my compy set up.