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Monday, April 18, 2005

Library nap adventures

I'm studying in the library right now. It sucks. I am going to fail. Maybe not this exam, and maybe not the next...but the last one? Yes. I simply can't cram anymore information into my brain!

I got up at 9:30am this morning after going to bed at 4am, went to the libizzary, and rented a single room -- from Patrick the librarian, no less. Anyway, I had the room for three hours, so I went up, studied five minutes, got drowsy... and guess what? Yeah, I feel asleep under the desk again for the whole 3 hours! The next person came up to kick me out of the room and had to wake me up... I had been using my shoes for a pillow, so you'd think I would have felt stupid. But the the thing is, this wasn't the first time it's happened, so you might say I'm past that whole "feeling stupid" thing.

Actually, speaking of disgusting:
When I first layed down underneath the desk for a nap, I noticed all the gum on the bottom. I'm not the kind of person who is disgusted by that kind of stuff myself, and to tell ya the truth, I usually absent-mindedly pick off gum from under the tables as I study. Yet another study quirk, but that's not the gross part yet. Then I just throw it on the floor, of course (Actually, since I take my sneakers off to study, I threw some gum in my own shoe by mistake last week and found it at the end of the day... What a waste of a good sock... but that's not the gross part yet). So yeah, I normally just throw it on the floor, but since I was underneath, trying to sleep, for some reason I started poking all the gum to find out if anyone had stuck it there recently. It seemed to me at the time that sticking gum under desks was a late-80s-to-early-90s thing, so I was just trying to check whether that was true. I mean, who sticks gum under deasks nowadays? Well -- ya see -- I never found the newest gum. What I found was the oldest gum. It was so old, it was brittle. And coincidentally, as I lay under the desk, it was right above my head. Yep, maybe you can see where this is going. It basically crumbled and a big piece fell in my mouth. Ok, THAT'S the gross part! Feel free to be openly disgusted, cause I sure was. Ugh.

Anyway, back to studying says I. For some reason lately, I really enjoy messing with syntax as in the previous sentence. [conjuctive adverb], [verb] [preposition] [gerund] [verb] [pronoun].

Over and out I'm done.