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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I've been Haloscanned!

Go... Haloscan.

Yep, so all my previous comments are gone. This -- for lack of a better word -- sucks. Ok, scratch that, cause I made up another word; a superior word: This frambozzles. Yes, "frambozzled" perfectly describes this situation. The situation for which is was created, that is. Isn't that convenient. The word I made up for this occassion perfectly describes what I want it to. You know why? Cause I'm awesome. Man, I should make up my own words more often! And while I'm sort of on the topic, I should start saying "awesome" and "man" again. They used to get a whole load of use from me on my blog, but lately I seemed to have abandoned them...

So here's an embarrassing story. This morning I went over to Burton's Pond to buy a used chemistry textbook from some dude so that I could study for the DAT (Dental Aptitude Test) which I plan on taking in November. The "dude" was a foreign black guy, and I wouldn't be bothering to mention that fact if it wasn't key to the story. -- Aside: First off, I feel I should explain something. I pride myself as being open and accepting of other cultures and races (especially for a guy who grew up in a white Canadian east coast suburb with minimal racial diversity) and I HATE being around bigots and people who are just plain ignorant in general. So now back to my story, which I feel embarrassed just thinking through right now. -- So the guy comes down to give me the book, I give him the money, and we're standing not 2 feet from each other, with him holding the door to his building and me outside. He says "later" and holds up his right hand in what I now realize was an extended, very short range wave. As in, he raised his hand and left it there for a sec while we were standing right next to each other. Maybe you can understand my confusion... At the time I was thinking that I couldn't just "leave him hangin'", so I made a split second decision and decided he was doing what I can only describe as a "black people handshake" thing. So I seize his hand and give it an elaborate pump or whatever and let go, and as I do that "move", he looks away. My heart falls as I realize that I am the ignorant idiot whom I hate. About the only offensive thing I didn't do was say "We cool, G?".

I still feel really bad and am personally floored by my stupidity. He's probably forgotten about it already, but when I was walking to work afterwords, I just couldn't stop shaking my head in disgust with myself. Literally! I mean, it may be possible to laugh at my situation, but not without some shame on my part.

Grrr... Like I've said before, I need to travel. Maybe that will get some of these ingrained racial stereotypes out of my brain.

Anyway, more later! I've still got to answer those questions that Madeleine gave me, and address a few other issues... like PICTURES!