this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


OK, Bert just reminded me! Last night we were at Big Ben's after the ultimate frisbee game and some dude on another team was saying that he heard that Russell Crowe and the guy from Great Big Sea were gonna be playing downtown tonight at Bridie Molloys or something. I was like "NO WAY!" in the Wayne's World way, and he was like "Yeah, you're probably right. I bet it's just a rumour. I don't think he can leave New York till that telephone incident has been resolved..." And then I forgot about it.

Flash forward to 8 AM this morning. I was waking up to my radio alarm and heard that they had actually been on George that night. I freaked out and got myself worked up cause I was an idiot for not thinking it was gonna happen. Then I fell back to sleep and (due to my quasi-amnesia-when-I-first-wake-up condition) forgot about it.

Flash forward to a couple minutes ago. Bert mentioned it and I'm worked up again! I could have gone and seen Russel Crowe playing in a small bar! I don't think it was an official announced thing, so it would've been cool... And I could have been one of the people who got to drink with him. You've gotta understand, when band's play in bars on George Street, you're like 2 feet from them. It's not like the band is quarantined or whatever.

Damn. I'm pissed. I even saw Russell Crowe on Letterman like two or three nights ago! Drats.