this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The real ultimate frisbee

Ok, I wasn't planning to blog today, but I just had to when I saw this:

So Jesse came over awhile ago, and Tony & him got really high. Like -- Tony is pretty hardcore, so he usually deals pretty well but when he was pouring water for himself, his hand was shaking all over the place and he was saying "Maybe I should take a shower..."

So anyway, here's the funny thing: Him and Jesse went out back to play frisbee. I've got to say that two really stoned guys trying to play frisbee is the funniest thing EVER! We were watching them out the window, and what they'd do is that one of them would whip the frisbee at a tree or somewhere random, then it seemed like they'd completely forget what they were doing. They'd wander around for awhile, then they'd remember to go find the frisbee. This continued in the same manner the whole time we were watching. Every once in awhile, they'd both just completely stop playing and one would follow the other and they'd just walk in loops and figure-eights for awhile. And throughout the whole she-bang, they seemed so disoriented... I think it was the best thing I've witnessed this week.

So I propose a hip-hip-hooray to tripped-out frisbee, the most entertaining sport I can think of at the moment. Someone should start a league or something...