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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

First Picture Post! It's a doozy...

Ok I've got -- how do you say in French? -- les photos, and I'll post them intermittently throughtout this post, just so I don't have just a bunch of words, then pictures, then that's it. I have it so that your brain will be like "words words read words WHOA PICTURE words skim words HOLY CRAP ANOTHER PICTURE!" and so on.

So yeah, a couple nights ago I was just getting into bed when Pete (who had been visiting and was now waiting outside for his girlfriend to come pick him up) came in a threw a letter at me. Being my first piece of incoming mail in our new place, it was a momentous occasion. I read the return address and postmark stamp, and when I saw that they were "The National Crime Prevention Council" and "Chicago" respectively, I freaked out and tried to wake Bert up. On a side note, Bert grew his hair all year, then the last week of school, he shaved only the top of his head so that he'd have a Hulk Hogan hairdo. It was horrid. When he took off his hat for the first time, I was literally speechless for once. But anyway, it's all shaved off now. This is Bert:


Unfortunately, he didn't share in my glee, since he was really tired from all that "getting high" that he'd done earlier. So anyway, I opened my mail from Scruff McGruff by myself. Let me tell you, this was the crowning moment of my week! It was Scruff McGruff trading cards. So far, the only other person I know who has em' is Raph, so I don't see much trading in my future, but it's still cool. I got 3 sets; one for internet safety and two different ones for bullying. I'm gonna see if I can sucker Raph into taking one of my bullying ones off my hands. That Raph... he's a sucker.

So anyway, as many of you know, I'm a massive 24 fan. -- If you don't know the jist of it, every hour of the show is a real-time hour so that every minute (minus the commercials) something is going on. there are 24 episodes and it take place over a full day. -- Bert and I watched the first season on DVD, then I bought the second and the plan was to have a big 24 marathon this summer. This was gonna be the setup:

Watch 24, watching each episode at the right time (watch the 9:00-10:00 AM episode at 9 am, etc), so that it takes 24 hours. The only break we'd have is the extra few minutes at the end of each episode, during which we would consume a 2-4 (a flat) of beer each. and oh yeah, the TV volume would remain at level 24 for the whole course of the show. The only thing that would make this better is if we watched it on May 2-4, but that's kind of a waste of a good party day...

But anyway, that didn't happen so we decided to start watching it a few nights ago. We couldn't get ahold of Mackenzie, so I flipped open my phone to call a random and see if they wanted to watch. I saw "Anskey" at the top of my address book and knew I had to call him up. Lemme tell you something about Anskey: We don't know each other. On pub crawl during the first semester last year, he was on my team. We were all tied together in a line with rope (part of the pub-crawl catch) and he was at the front and Coleman and I were at the back. I overheard him giving his cell number so some girl, so I put it into my phone and kept calling him later that night. This is the rough dialogue of our first conversation:

Me: "Hey Anskey! What's up dude?"
Anskey (unsure): "Nothing much, just downtown doing the pubcrawl..."
Me: "Wicked! How's that going?"
Anskey: "Who is this?"
Me: "It's me, Pat, at the back of the line!"
Anskey (looking back): ...
Me (waving): "Hey!"
Anksey: "...Hi?"

So anyway, our anti-friendship blossomed from there. I called him a few more times during the pubcrawl (usually when I was standing right beside him), and when I saw him in dining hall, and once when I happened to see him walking by my window. the only condition of this whole calling-Anskey thing was that he had to be in plain sight in order for me to call him, cause.. you know... otherwise it woulda been weird... like we were boyfriends of something... pfffft!

So Anksey came over (he turned out to live just down the street) and we all watched 24. The end.

Drats. Here are the other picture that didn't fit into any narrative the I had to offer:

Pictures from around the university...

...Bah! I'll do the rest later, cause apparently I have to "start working"...