this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Look at me! I'm so tired...

Well hey, how bout that? I don't have a girlfriend anymore! I guess I'm just too much of a loser to commit to that kinda thing... i spose. But I don't like this whole us-not-talking thing. We tried to have a conversation on Burke day when we were both trashed, and all i remember is that i was super-pissed off and so was Erin, but I don't remember exactly what was said. I'm guessing that I said the same thing I've been saying all along: that I just don't have time for a relationship cause I need to focus on school blah blah blah dentistry blah etc, but i think maybe I was more blunt (a.k.a. a jerk) about it and that's why she freaked. And oh yeah, I passed out on a table and she duct taped me to it, so that might have been part of why I was mad.

And I'm on probation now! Another Burke day event... Me and Bailey went to sit at the all-guys house's table, and when we tried to stand on the table and start a Burke cheer, the Doyle guys swiped at our legs and we fell off the table! I mean, this was a pretty big fall to go keeling over drunk off of. In a later sober moment, I kinda freaked myself out thinking about what coulda happened if we had landed on our neck instead. And one of the guys who knocked us off was an RA, so I can't really rat em so we're not the only one's with the misconduct fines, cause he would get fired for sure, and I don't care that much...

Well, I should go to sleep now, so I can get some work in tomorrow. But what's the point? I can't go to cabin party on the weekend anyway... for those of you who don't know, cabin party is a multi-house event where you basicly rent a cabin and trash it, thereby forfeiting any damage deposit. Last year on the way home, one of the guys smashed his head through the bus window because someone dared him to... Yep, everyone's ridiculously T-rashed by the end of that one. fuck... I hate to miss it!!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Home for Thanksgiving (Canadian style)

Well, it's been soooo long since i last updated this thing. I STILL don't have interweb at school on my computer, so i just never get around to it! Well, school's been goin on for a month and its kinda hectic... there's still all this work, and i have the canteen managing job, and im trying to stay involved in the whole rez life thing, and oh yeah.. I, Patrick C_____ C_______, have a girlfriend! Who'da thunk it? Her name's erin and she fuckin rocks... but i dont get how she puts up with my severe lack of spare time. Oh well, shut up Patrick and don't ask stupid questions.

I was desperately trying to avoid a relationship at first... We were dancing all night at the bar on the Rez Rocks Night at Benders like the first weekend, but then when my roommate Coleman and her roommate Leslyanne said that they'd give us the room, I kinda freaked... Yep, I realize I'm a pussy, but it's because of a certain regrettable drunk thing I did last year and regret. Did I mention I regret that? Yeah, I did.. so not me... Anyway, my reaction when they said this was to run away (my usual defense mechanism), so i started walking down george street in the pouring rain, but Coleman caught up to me and we had a nice long talk. Kinda funny, two trashed friends talking about shit in a fuckin downpour at like 2 am. Anyway, so eventually I went back and Erin and I went for a walk and agreed to just go with it and see how stuff went... I'd say it worked out :D

So during the Plan B Bash (aka 1st annual Burke-Squires-Coughlan Day) after Boat Trip was cancelled last weekend, I think it really became "official" in my head. We just actually hung out most of the night, not all clingy, but in a relaxed casual kinda way that I really liked. Maybe we were a little PDA-intensive, but whatever... it didn't feel forced or awkward or anything. So we went for a walk again and this time went along the docks. We scammed our way into the huge fishing boat and hung out up there for awhile... it was one of those cool moments that'll stand out in my head for awhile. Just a great night. It was only late that I found out that docked boats from other countries aren't considered Canadian soil, so if some crazy Russian fishermen caught us, they could have kept us and had us charged in Russia or whatever they do... eep. After that we wandered into some private parking garage on a roof and just layed in the back of a truck looking up at the sky for awhile. Anyway, apparently there was video surveillance and some guy came down and caught us fooling around...! Kinda awkward, but it was funny and he just told us to leave and never come back

I love coming home! I mean, school's great, but I miss home-friends and family. I never feel like I've left when I come back. Coleman's an idiot for staying in Newf, but I've gotta admit: the circle of friends is getting diluted... it's a little sad, but I guess this shit happens. Anyway, I miss all you guys at home and those who couldnt make it back. Still working on the summer video, but I don't expect to finish before xmas... 9 hours of raw footage to go through... ugh. Well, it's a work in progress to say the least, but it'll be wicked when it's done, AH GAH-RON-TEE!

Wow... I talked for a long time... longer than I thought I would. This seems to be a recurring theme. Sorry for boring the world, but i guess I just felt like talking more than I realized! Dah well, time for bed now, cause I've gotta get up and study for my midterm this week. booooo...!