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Saturday, January 08, 2005

5 Hours till I leave!

OK, listen. I just realized my stupid luck tonight. Like right before Christmas I gave this taxi driver with colon cancer $20 cause I was feeling really generous, then a few days later, a tsunami hits the Indian Ocean (It's kind of ironic, at least in the Allanis-Morisette sense). I mean, wouldn't you feel stupid too. It always seems to be me who has such bad luck with this kind of shit. I mean... Christ.

Ok I am so incredibly just kidding. I'm sorry. Maybe that will be funny next year, when all those people have rebuilt their shattered lives and gotten over the loss of their loved ones... I'm horrible. :(
Like I said, I kid. I really did donate $50, and that's way more than I can afford.

I hate it when you're really low on money. Especially when you're buying something with debit, cause you lose track of what you've spent so easily. Like when you're not sure if you have enough and you're looking at the little "Please wait" screen while the computer decides how poor your are. The one part I love is when it goes through at times like that, because that little "Approved!" screen always makes me feel so much better and happier. It's like I won something! Yet in reality, I've only succeeded in paying for a trivial item and crept ever closer to bankruptcy... Maybe I'll just keep that in mind next time I get too excited from "accomplishing" a purchase.

Tonight was AWESOME! I got to see Sally, and then we all (me, Jenn, Megan, Kelt, and McKay) just drove around and went to Irving Diner, but it was still just so much fun driving with the music cranked and hanging out with everyone for the last time. Aaaaand I got to say bye to everyone, including Kelt for the second time cause he came back... Yeah, I'm not entirely sure why he's back for the first weekend, but I'm not complaining. Damn though! What was that song we were listening to with the gun actions? If anyone was in the car and knows, leave a comment telling me! I'm looking in your direction Jenn...

And me and Meg started the best game ever. While listen to a song you don't know, you try to sing the last word of every verse. You're supposed to guess it before it's said, but we just ended up screaming the word like right after they said it, but it's still really stupid-fun when everyone is doing it... Or maybe it was just me and Meg, but whatev. It was fun either way!

As always, I'll miss you KV! Don't you go changing on me before I get back!

VIDEO: And oh yeah, when you're lying bleeding on the sidewalk,
postal service is critical.