this is my dull life. this is my dull life on drugs. this is a haiku.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Noteworthy events of the past few days

I have done 3 noteworthy things in the last couple days:

1. I fly into Newfoundland. Hurrah for planes. Also, I have apparently lost my grasp on my sense of verb tenses. I didn't fall asleep during the 3 hour stopover in Halifax. In fact, I met up with Craig and we went to visit his cousin's house. We attempted to leave for the airport with about 20 minutes before boarding, but Craig's uncle had left in the car with all out carry-on luggage in the trunk. Hurrah for foresight. Anyway, we managed to chase down his uncle on his way to Truro and make the plane. Hurrah for poorly enforced speed limits.

2. There was a massive rez party last night. Everyone drank and it was an awesome time (Not saying those two events are mutually inclusive, cause I can have fun without the assistance of alcohol, but ya know...). Coleman and I put a laundry basket on top of my NEW SCOOTER (to be used for rapid transport between classes) and I sat in the basket and was... I believe the best suited words would be forcefully propelled, down the hall while trying to steer. The hall door wasn't open all the way so I ran into the steel doorframe, but it was all in good fun... and bad common sense. Later in town with Mandy, I danced the best damn lawnmower and shopping cart to ever grace the floors of Lottie's. Apparently, I was only part of a not-so-elaborate ploy to get close to some guy who she thought was cute, but I don't mind because I think I succeeded in embarrassing her at least a little. Go me! Props to Kelt and Andrew for demonstrating how to do those moves likes pros.

3. Played "Trump: The Boardgame" with Coleman, Billy, and Bert. As always, Trump is the highlight of my day. We played Trump in our room with some elevator music playing in the background -- SHUT UP SNOWBLOWER I CAN'T HEAR MYSELF THINK! The morning plows have come out already and they are right outside my window. -- on repeat and I wore a bathrobe. Bailey came in and told us that we all seemed really classy. I didn't feel very classy though, especially considering I kept having to adjust my robe so that I didn't flaunt my genitals. Yes, classy like the dickens. Like pie. Like the wind.

Oh and I forgot to mention it, but my grandmother died, too. Yep... those are the noteworthy things... flew, drank, board game, and grandmother dead.

So anyway, I suppose I should check when and where my courses are in the morning.

*My grandmother did not actually die. I made a funny. I love you Nana.