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Friday, January 21, 2005

Assassins and such

So Adam "Lefty" Leclerc (even though he thinks he's grown out of the Lefty thing, whatever that means) has informed me that the later my posts are done, the weirder they usually are. This has made me decide that the next time I pull an all-nighter for whatever reason, I'm going to post a sentence or two every hour. Mark... my... words... *cue menacing glare and suspenseful violin music*

So yeah, Burke house has been playing assassins for the last day, and I got out this morning... damn that Laporte. For those not in "the know" with assassins, everyone gets a toy gun and your name is on a big list that only the prez (ie. Martin) sees. You are assigned to kill the person below you on the list, but you don't know who's above you and trying to kill you. The catch is that you can only kill someone when no one else is around to see. If you kill someone, you take on their target. So basically everyone is scared to be in anything less than a group of three, and everyone is acting very sneaky. Since the only real safe place is the bathroom, and the study room isn't one, I had a desk set up in there for awhile. Like I said though, I'm out of the game... damn that Laporte. The whole me-getting-out situation was very shifty. Here's a diagragm (wait... it's diaphragm with the crazy "gm" ending, but whatev. Adventures in diction.):

So there you have it. Ain't that shiny and special. Pictures don't lie. Ever. Laporte shot me while I was walking down the stairs and even though I couldn't see Dennis, Laporte could! So it shouldn't have counted. We went and asked Martin's opinion, and he had to call over someone else to get a for-sure answer. They decided I was in, but later Dennis came forward and said that he wasn't in eyesight, so now I'm out... damn that Laporte.

So I was really sick a few days ago, and that wasn't cool. I didn't throw up or anything, but I just ached all over and had the chills and such. I did go to all my classes, but just barely. At one point, I input my situation into a complicated computational algorithm with numbers and variable and... semi-colons... and it advised me that I should go to class. Ok, in actuality, Will and I played rock-paper-scissors in Dining Hall. I was "go to sleep" and he was "go to class". He won. Curses! Dammit Patrick, you should have used the avalanche! I think I might buy the book...

So yeah, it's after 4 am and I've got class from 9 to 5 tomorrow with only an hour break, so maybe I should get some sleep. Yeah... Peace out. A-town... Bown barwn bomn bomn. Wow, it took a ridiculous amount of time to decide how to spell that!