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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Gargling challenge

Last night, Coleman and I happened to be getting ready for bed at the same time (around 1:30-ish), and we were both in the bathroom brushing our teeth...s and whatnot. Coleman and I have a habit of getting into the stupidest contests with one another, and the first contest of the night happened to be a toothbrushing contest. We both brushed for almost 10 minutes before Coleman, not knowing that spitting counted as forfeiture, lost. If you talk to Coleman then the winner is debatable, but as long as you're talking to me, I won. But the toothbrushing competition wasn't even the best part.

Coleman gargled after brushing his teeth, then said something in the way of "Man, that was a good gargle. I don't think I've ever done a better gargle." There was a slight pause, then he says "And yes... that was a challenge." So whenever Coleman says "challenge" like that, it's on! I'd say that's the only rule in our friendship. Whether its 4am and we're both in bed and he challenges me to a whistling competition, or whether we're both in the bathroom... and well, you know. Basically... anytime, anywhere. We started out going for the quality gargle, but by the time we had just decided to go for height, we were pretty much just yelling at the top of our lungs into the air with water in our mouths. And oh yeah, keep in mind that this was at 1:30 in the morning.

So we went back to the room with water ALL OVER our clothes, but it was hilarious, so it was worth it. Plus I won.